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 I am a young professional living out of Tallahassee, Florida for the past five years. I have been on a deployment with the United States Army and continue to work outside of my other occupations to better myself mentally and physically. My passion for writing is driven by my passion for everything I find entertaining in life, and of course by my friends and family.

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

The Convention

I had a great time at the convention last Saturday (8/20/2016) and got the opportunity to meet some amazing local talent. I did not participate in the costume contest this year since my costume was not ready and I refused to attend without a complete outfit; however, I did show off my personal chest reactor (see pics below for proof).

Walking in, it started off with a bang. Thankfully I was worth more alive, and more so, was able to escape.

  Soon after my escape, I ran into a member from the Northern Army seeking to eradicate zombies. His pup was somewhat, stoic, but claimed I was infected. No worries, I'm a billionaire, playboy, philanthropist, I was walking fine within the hour.
His efforts can be seen here:

Oddly enough remnants of INGEN were found in the area. Some poor creature decided the front wheel of the abandoned vehicle was a safe location for a nest. Oh, if only Grant could see us now. The vehicle along with an unseen Mystery Machine van are all works from a Justin Webb who can be viewed here:

 My journey taught me not all demons are horrible, some are just photogenic.
 Evading zombies, demons, and bounty hunters I met E.M. Smith, author of The Shadow of Olympus after a short talk, I acquired the book and received a nice hand written note inside. You can't really be an author without reading, and I look forward to reading his book. It can be purchased here:
 Then soon after I met T.S. Barnett, author of the series Under the Devil's Wing which as she said in her own words was her attempt to create a character with no redeemable qualities (so, me?), I am excited to see how she went about her work, and you know, seeing her dressed up as Mad Max helped a lot. You can follow her on twitter at @TS_Barnett or Instagram: tsbarnowl. Her website is located here: 
Another author I had the distinct pleasure of meeting is Jeremy Laszlo, author of multiple books but more notably to me the series Left Alive, and he has a van covered in zombies! His lovely wife also creates coloring books of intricate detail, both were great company and I spent a bit at their booth, having fun discussing writing and publishing options.  His work can been seen and purchased on his Facebook profile located here:

 Another example of custom pieces you could pick up at the convention is this handcrafted wood box. Inside the light source is a tea light (or so you think). It'll accompany me on many of my future writing adventures.
 I got to see some incredible work in regards to Steampunk and decor, the gentleman obviously spends a lot of time and effort into creating unique weapons and accessories. I was unable to picture or purchase any major end items; however, above are two examples of small items his partner creates. Being a writer of horror, it was an easy pick for me. 
His work can be viewed and purchased at:
 Dr. Maw greeting an astroidmech droid.
 What can I say? Harley Quinn has a soft spot for guys with Arch Reactors in their chest.
Here is another great example of the amazing work that people dedicate themselves to. The kind lady at Pagemaster Studio takes beloved books and creates 3D standing memorials to their source material.... from the source material itself! Her work can be seen here:

Another great worker who I now regret not getting any photos of (either of him or his work) is the owner, maker and mad scientist behind DemonCrafts. What really pulled me towards his work was a steampunk style, self contained, solar panel box. You can link your devices to it, and keep your outfit running all day, and in style! But looking at his other work, he has a great line of affordable leather armor and accessories. He allowed me to try out one of his shoulder pieces and examine in depth his pistol belt which he had crafted. Patrick "Demon" Taylor also does custom ordered work, so he doesn't know it yet, but he'll utilized for many of my own personal endeavors!
His work can be seen here:

Then there is the story of my (temporary) arrest. Gotham Police Department had caught onto my evil doings and arrested my female compatriot and myself. Of course, unbeknownst to them, I am an amazing escape artist and Arkam Asylum could not contain me for long. Comic CONvics is a great fun way to raise money. Basically you place a bounty on anyone, and the police go out and arrest them. They are then taken in to be photographed for a mugshot. Proceeds all go to the Ronald McDonald House. Their work can be seen here:


  1. Thank you so much for the compliments. They are all true!! ha ha!! but seriously I do believe in high quality work and reasonable pricing. The great thing about smaller cons is that I get to talk with attendees and we can share stories. Thanks for coming this year.

    1. Absolutely Chris, you do good work and I look forward to seeing you in the future.