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Writer, soldier, thinker, and science fiction lover. I just can't seem to find a way to divide my adventurous self of constant outdoor activity and exercise from my nerdy self playing games and going to conventions. So why not just be both?

 I am a young professional living out of Tallahassee, Florida for the past five years. I have been on a deployment with the United States Army and continue to work outside of my other occupations to better myself mentally and physically. My passion for writing is driven by my passion for everything I find entertaining in life, and of course by my friends and family.

Thursday, December 31, 2015

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everyone!

Let us all start the year off right. My year is starting with fully developed characters for my next book and the beginning has already begun to take shape.

"to let the World be..." 

S.S. Fitzgerald

Monday, December 21, 2015

The Crime of a Lifetime?

I am happy to say I am already working on my next novel as my first is going through the editing process.

The facts about the newest one are as follows:

-It does not have anything to do with my first novel, it is a completely new idea.
-It is going to be a crime drama.
-I have decided to create events inside of the story based off of my real life experiences and stories directly related to my family members.

More will follow as I get more work done, and stand by for the coming sales of my first novel!

S. S. Fitzgerald

Sunday, December 6, 2015

December 7, 1941 and Today

James M. Fitzgerald was on the USS Henley 74 years ago. The Henley was credited with shooting down the first Zero in WWII that morning and it was one of only three ships that made it out of the harbor. The Chief volunteered for subs upon his return to Pearl. He then spent three years on war patrol in the Pacific. One of the “boats” he served on as Chief Engineer was the famous USS Bowfin, now on display at the Pearl Harbor memorial in Hawaii. 

I never got to meet my grandfather, I heard about him all the time, and the great adventures he was on in the Pacific. He was one of those heroes you get to hear about, always want to meet, but somewhere in the deep immature mind of a child realize, you never really will get to. He's the guy who Americans want to idolize, a winner The American who when out numbered, on a crippled submarine, and ordered the submarine to head directly towards a Japanese battleship, and won. 

My grandfather, and thousands of troops like him, woke up on that infamous morning not expecting anything in particular. But as fate would have it, they were cast into the fray of a war that had consumed every corner of the globe. American boys would be sent to lands far away on two separate fronts, and it would take the American people a miserable and frightening 4 years before they would get to see their loved ones return, if they would get to see them return. The war would claim over 60 million lives by the time it would end in 1945.

Why do we remember Pearl Harbor? Pearl Harbor was a lonely military outpost on a chain of islands, the islands not a state for 21 more years. A military attack, a surprise, but no more than any other attack. An attack that seems so distant now, and overshadowed by our more recent history against new enemies striking at the heartland. 

We remember Pearl Harbor, because like the attack on the Twin Towers, life for America would be forever different. But there is something else we must always hold dear to the remembrance of  Pearl Harbor. America had been suffering, a great economic distress still plagued her, and despite the news of horrors from Europe, America could not motivate herself for a war on the behalf of a people on the other side of the world. But with a single event, America awoke. America rallied to her friends, and the economic giant took off. A military that was behind the technological curve boomed, industries were established with such sufficiency that massive bombers were turned out not in days, but in hours. A people who had no heart for anything beyond their door were now conserving and donating and pledging their lives to causes in two theaters of war. 

America made a decision, she could have recoiled, lifted the embargo she had placed on Japan, stopped supplying the Australians and British, and licked her wounds from a crippling naval defeat. But instead, America rose, there was no political correctness about calling the evils in Europe any more, and Americans set out to eradicate evil. 

Pearl Harbor is remembered for many reasons, but ultimately it is because no matter the generation, or how far separated the people may become of her government and political decisions, they are still Americans. There still beats the heart of the dragon that once arose, and could arise again, the heart of winners still beat. 

Friday, December 4, 2015

An Interview with the Writer

I was given the great opportunity to be interviewed by Eliza Gales regarding my writings and upcoming book!

See her blog in the link below.


One step closer to being out there! And if you haven't yet, please follow me on Twitter as well @S_S_Fitzgerald

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

For a Moment of an Experience

Charlie stood just out of reach of tide. The waves came rolling and crashing against the land, a intruder in its path. His brown loafers barely protecting his wrinkled skin from the cold mist that came in with each crash. Thin khakis caught the mist and became lighter, however; the thick wool turtle neck encouraged Charlie's torso to radiate heat.

Sun spots littered Charlie's face. The breeze carried with it the mist of the sea and past. The images before his eyes as if they were happening today.

He was 15 again for a moment. The awkward years between 10 and 20 where incomplete minds struggle to identify themselves in a rapid world. School was one thing, education another, girls another, and romance another. The exciting yet overwhelming feeling that existence was something greater. Charlie couldn't help but wonder if, had he fallen through the sky, if all the time would have passed him and left him in those years.

He remembered shyly asking the pretty girl to be his friend. And he remembered she shyly accepted. The years flew by and they spent their time side by side. Baptized by her beauty. He was just dreaming, counting the ways he liked her. He was there for a moment, with so many wishes,  and asking her shyly to go out with him, and she politely declined.

He went on always being by her side, living the years of life. He was 18 again for a moment and had a rifle shoved into his hands. He experienced sweating like he never imagined and being sending off on a ship. Going to a far land in his prime to be ground into the mud. Cast against himself, boys from far away lands speaking tongues he had never heard. Too enthusiastically, too naive they had marched off, rank and file to do duties they had only played at years earlier.

He was 19 again, and for a moment, he had experienced pain he could never have imagined. Pain that did not require a wound. He experienced cold, freezing cold that went to the bone. He experienced misery, and longing. A longing to be in the awkward years again. Thoughts that belonged half a world away, and wondering thoughts if she was sleeping. And he realized that he had never before had the thought that he may not see tomorrow or home again. He experienced staying up long nights in fear, counting his luck and fearing cashing in on his bad luck. Experienced loathing, and longing for home, and questioning what he'd sold his soul for. Questioning what he had washed his hands in blood for. Questing what he had left his mom and dad for.

He was 21 again, he experienced the welcome home. He experienced the sudden and deafening silence. He went to classes and stayed in lecture halls full of silent adult boys. He learned the history which he had lived, he learned the history of boys past like him. He experienced the rejoice of meeting her again. And experienced the new pain of seeing her with someone she loved. He experienced the respect he had to give to that happiness which did not belong to him. He experienced seeing stars for what they are.

He was 25 again, and he started his own business and experienced the struggle of being on his own. He experienced the struggles of memories and missing people. He experienced seeing others starting families and going with their lives. He experienced seeing the ghosts from years past. But he also learned to experience music, and hearing the music to be the melody of a beautiful swan with each note struck.

He was 31 again, and he experienced success and more memories. He experienced coming to terms, and that what he had done was not for the folks at home, that no one wishes to die alone. He experienced looking into a child's eyes and seeing his own. That amazing things, beautiful things came from many terrible nights. He remembered the times striving on to live for something greater, for others, for others who could not join him with each moment.

He was 99 again, and the cool breeze brought in another blast of mist form the crashing waves. He felt a weakness in his heart, deep inside, as he sat upon a rock. All of his experiences, his long life, and his longed for loves. There wasn't a drop of regret for him in the entire ocean. He meekly smiled, the weakness in his heart came not from lack of will, for there was no such thing, but from a time of rest. He smiled, and he knew this was a good thing.