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 I am a young professional living out of Tallahassee, Florida for the past five years. I have been on a deployment with the United States Army and continue to work outside of my other occupations to better myself mentally and physically. My passion for writing is driven by my passion for everything I find entertaining in life, and of course by my friends and family.

Friday, October 31, 2014

The Horseman's Blade, Part 7

Spears and Emily headed back the way they came and then down the passage way where Mark and Jesse headed earlier. They moved slowly with dread down the passageways. They came to a right turn in the passageway and they both turned it slowly and carefully not fearing the now endless possibilities. They turned into a large cabin. The cabin was lined with operating tables on both sides; an autopsy room. The tables desolate pods of past terrors. In the center of the room a tray of operating instruments had been knocked over and several bits of glass lay across the ground. Spears and Emily proceeded through the cabin watching all of the corners until they reached the other end where a door with a small reinforced window separated them from the next passage.
Spears peered through the window. He could see the next passage way straight ahead was clear, but there was also another passage way he could tell that ran to the right which he couldn’t see down. He pressed down on the silver knob and pulled the door open. He stepped out forward and Emily stepped out behind him facing the right. Both passageways were clear.
Spears looked to his right where Emily was staring quietly. Another cabin lined with operating tables. The room was brightly lit and down the center of the cabin was a long smeared trail of blood which ended at the opposite bulkhead. Spears and Emily entered with their rifles up and searched all four corners. Spears moved down between the tables and found a mass of meat; the blood was splattered all over the deck.
“I think this was Jesse.” Emily spoke out gagging as Spears looked up and across the cabin at her. She too was looking down at something between the tables near her.
“I think this was too.” Spears answered looking down at the mass of flesh and muscle before him. The part was unidentifiable. Between each table were more and more parts, of what they believed to be their former colleague. As Spears neared the door at the end of the cabin he could identify a large dent in the door. The dent was going out to the other side of the next passage way, whatever had made the dent was on their side of the door. Spears tried to open the door but the latch was also morphed and wouldn’t allow the door to function. “We’re going to have to go back down that other passageway. This door is fucked.” Spears turned back around to Emily across the cabin.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

One Level Below Hell

 Catherine walked the steamy streets. Seedy pawn shops, thrift stores, and a dollar theater the only attractions still grasping for life on the block.
 Turning down an alley the lights could not penetrate the cold dark. It had been the scene of a gruesome ordeal sometime more than a month ago. Catherine came to a stop where the body had been found. A streetwalker had reported the finding. A young woman, blonde hair, not natural, with her face sunken into a stagnant puddle. A deep wound below the sternum was found to be the cause of death. The trace amounts of chloroform proved that she was not the result of a pimp taking out vengeance. The removal of the eyes proved, that he had struck again. 
 The first victim, a woman in her mid twenties. Found in a park, a runner reporting it, the most common means of finding bodies. The feet and hands removed. Chloroform used, a slit throat to pull the life force from the body.
 The second victim, a male, found in a warehouse. The body wrapped neatly. The internal organs removed. Autopsy showed the victim was conscience and not sedated for the surgery. Filthy socks remained in the victim's mouth as a gag. 
 And now the third victim. 
 Catherine mused to herself, the killer must be quite charming. Perhaps physically sound, intellectually superior. After all, the cuts were done with surgeon precision. Maybe, maybe a perfectionist? 
 Catherine caught a glimpse of strand from the corner of her eye. A web, so intricately assembled. Its architect proudly in the center. Spiders, such perfect killers. So precise, yet a creator of chaos. Perhaps, in someway, the killer was a spider. 
 Catherine left the alley for the theater. Purchasing a ticket to some animated movie she headed for the screening room when, behind the concession a shine caught her eyes. A young woman working the concession stand. Catherine approached. The worker in her twenties, plain, unruly hair. Baggy around the waist. 
 But her complexion!
 To say Catherine was captivated was, an understatement. The worker's eyes shifted up to meet Catherine. 
 "Can I get you something?"  
 "Oh yes dear, please, um, something sweet."
 "Well I only got candy and soda."
 "That's not all you got."
 The worker looked at her quizzically for a moment, and then blushed.
 The poor thing, Catherine thought.
 "I'll take the Crunch bar please."
 The worker bent over reaching into the case for the candy bar. 
 "What's your name?" Catherine asked. The worker stood up with the candy bar.
 "Sam, my friends call me Sammy." 
 "Sammy, you have such a beautiful complexion." Sam blushed once more.
 "If only it weren't for the weight."
 "Oh so we aren't anorexic little bitches. Oh well." Sam's blush intensified. 
 "What's your name?" 
 "Ashley." Replied Catherine. "Sammy, w-would it, be, be alright if I gave you my number?"
 "Oh well, I don't..."
 "Oh, I'm sorry. I thought you were..."
 "Oh but I am! I'm sorry, I haven't, you know, come out or nothin'." Catherine couldn't care, she really wasn't. She wrote her number on a napkin and handed Sam the cloth. She walked away smiling, biting into her now open candy bar. She would enjoy the movie, but more so her thoughts on how to best skin a large woman.         

The Horseman's Blade, Part 6

Spears slowed down in the bridge attempting to overhear anything but it was just meaningless murmurs. They headed down the first flight of stairs to where their cabins were. Jesse was standing in the hall waiting for them.
“Come on, Mark is waiting for us, two decks down.” He had his rifle in his hands already. Spears took his rifle off his back, chambering a round. What was on the ship that required rifles? Regardless, he followed Jesse down the passageways and down the flights of stairs where the bulk head suddenly changed. The usual steel bulk head was no longer the same, now a clean, white, smooth bulkhead was all he could see on both bulkheads and the deck and ceiling. At the end of the passageway was a large air tight door where Mark was standing. Above the door was a sign that read ‘Tartarus labs, Restricted Level.’ Spears considered stopping and questioning the entire image, but the tone of urgency overruled it. He had never seen a passageway like this, nor ever heard of a ship with labs or a restricted level. Mark pulled out a small hand held radio and requested that the door be opened. The electric lock lit up and Mark pushed open the door.
Mark and Jesse went in with their rifles up, the lights were on and the bulk head changed again. The ceiling and deck were still the clean, smooth, sterile, white, but the bulkheads were lined with large pipes, on one he read ‘Numina Engine: Steam.’ Spears shouldered his rifle as well and stayed to the right bulkhead. He moved slower than Jesse and Mark did, he didn’t know what was going on and now was not the time to ask. He looked across from him to Emily who also had the same look on her face. An information gap between the four could not have been more obvious. They moved down another ten yards in their staggered column formation until they came to a junction in the passageway. Jesse and Mark looked at each other and then without saying anything they both went left. Spears looked over at Emily.
“Guess we go right?” He said hearing Mark and Jesse already farther down the left side.
“I guess that’s the case.” Emily went forward and aimed down the right passageway. Spears turned the passageway and stayed on the right hand side of the passageway clinging next to the bulkhead. He kept his rifle pointed down the passageway; on the left bulkhead Emily did the same as they moved forward. They came to another turn, they turned left. The pipes ended into the walls, now they only faced the long clean white hall. The overhead lights were sterilized the walls in white light with a copper coated buzz. At the end of the hall some twenty yards from them the lights were broken and they could see one of the crew members sitting down in the hall. He was centered in the light with his back turned. A yellow rain coat with the hood up covered his skin from view. The light glistened on the water specks which remained. Something in Spears screamed to stop moving, to go back, something primeval, an animal instinct was pulling him back. Something his ancestors had developed. But he pushed with his will to take a few steps forward and yell at the man sitting in the hall.
“You, in the coat, turn around!” He thought maybe this man was some sort of thief or saboteur. Environmentalists had been known to do extremely dangerous feats to ships at sea to push their terrorism. Yet the man remained unresponsive. “Now!” Spears yelled out at the top of his lungs. Given any other location or job he’d have shot by now. The man seemed to be rocking back and forth now but remained unresponsive to his shouts. He knew the rules of his job. He looked over at Emily who also had her sights on him. He started to take steps forward towards the man. He remained in his rocking position; Spears and Emily were now only four feet from the man.
“Sir, we won’t ask you again.” Emily began to speak to the man now. She sighed and parted her lips to continue, Spears pressed his cheek in harder on the sights preparing to fire. Then a whistle and clatter, and sudden rattling, the ship came to life with noise around them, burst upon burst and then the defying shriek of human pain. Spears reflexes snapped him to one knee and he turned around. It had to have been Jesse and Mark, but the shooting stopped. He looked at Emily who was looking over her shoulder and Spears turned around realizing no one was watching the man.
As Spears twisted around, the man’s face flashed as he swung about, Spears kicked back falling onto his back. Emily turned in time to miss a large blade which struck the wall next to her forcing her to stumble back. It had all happened so fast Spears hadn’t seen what it was until now.
The torso of the crewman was being lifted up above him to the ceiling, his stomach sucked in, his ribcage showing, his skin darkened to a fine wet wood brown. His arms outstretched to the sides. Eyes sunken to mere pearl beads within the skull, the nose was missing. His ears plastered to his skull with a hard crust. His lower jaw was gone, and in its place was a clutter of tentacles that squirmed and lunged back and forth, fighting to reach out at them. His upper jaw was lipless and revealing the black decay of the gums which held the front teeth of what was once a man and two large dogteeth. The man’s limbs were replaced by long muscular appendages, at the end of each looked like a long serrated, curved blade.
The creature took in a gasp of sickly air and brought its right limb up in a stabbing motion towards Spears. Spears fired a burst from his rifle up into the creature as he began to crawl away by frantically kicking his feet. The rounds tore uselessly into bone and flesh. He finally got his footing and stood up stumbling back before he fell into his firing position. He fired another burst along with Emily who fired more rounds into the creature. It shrieked at them. Lunging forward with its large blades whipping back and forth, they both fired rounds which passed through its flesh and snapped its bones. The creature stumbled and fell forward and continued to try and crawl towards them with its front two blades. Spears and Emily were being forced back by the ever quickening monstrosity crawling towards them. Emily dropped her empty magazine and snapped a new one in as the creature reached her ankle. The blade sliced through the leather boot with ease tripping her. It began to pull her in. Spears rushed forwards and fired the remaining rounds of his magazine into the creature’s skull shattering it across the white floor of the corridor.
  Spears breathed with his adrenaline and reloaded. He turned back to Emily who was now leaning up against the wall. Bright red blood encircled around her foot. The rose colored liquid died her boot a dark wine red.
“How bad is it?” Spears asked while watching the corridor where the creature was once sitting.
“Not too bad, my boot took most of it.” She straightened up and stood straight and instantly winced giving away her lie.
“We need to find Mark and Jesse.”

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Different Paths

Hello everyone, I hope the stories and shorts are keeping you all interested and willing to share my writing with your friends. For this next writing prompt, I remember seeing it years back but never writing on it. I can not, for the life of me, remember where it had come from. The general idea was to take a situation in your life and turn it into a short concise scene compressing all the feelings and thoughts into a single scene. I remember it primarily because the example I read seemed to touch home. I hope you enjoy.

 A fiery sunset conjured a mirage of molten gold from the glaciers and the snowfields. A serrated blade of the mountains carved the sky. Jared stood for a long time without speaking. Sam stood next to him, waiting a long while patiently. On top the mountain, time had little meaning for the two.

 “Are you looking at the skyline or beyond to what we’re leaving behind?” Sam’s word sliced through the light wind. Jared stood a long while longer in silence with the moving clouds in his eyes.

 “There’s not much to miss of that world.”

 “When the days are cold as today, and the cards fold with failed dreams what else is there to do?”

 “Just hide the truth, shelter your new friends and future lovers.” Their eyes both turned to the skyline. Their demons seeking shelter into the depths of their pupils. Their shoulders heavy with a century of pain and the weight of too many lives on them. If it decisions were from what they made, they had escaped by the skin of their teeth, but if it were up to fate, it was the cruelest fate for so many others who were more noble and deserving to go on.

 They turned as the light sparkled and faded down, the sinners walked across the dusty dry ground. Not wanting to let anyone else down they both remained in pace with each other. A silence nestled between the two once more. There would come a time where their paths were dividing and they would, without words, walk paths that once diverted would never meet again. A fact that once would have been crippling to their character, but now was a cause for little more than a grimace. Their decision made once they set foot away from home.

 Jared turned back once more. The last of the yellow and pink light dripped off his eyelashes. He turned back, and continued. Maybe it would be a bad dream, or preferably that he was a bad dream that had manifested.  

Friday, October 24, 2014

The Horseman's Blade, Part 5

He opened the door; it was Emily with an ammunition box. “Hey, you don’t have any rounds.” She came in past Spears without him inviting her in. She set the box down by the nightstand and looked at the rifle he had laid out on his mattress. “Have you ever used one before?”

“You mean a rifle? Yes, I wouldn’t be here if I hadn’t.”

“No I mean the Sig. I’m not familiar with the operating system.” Spears swallowed something heavy in his throat before he answered her.

“I’m not too familiar with it. I know it’s new, but it’s still a simple blow back action like most standard assault rifles. As for taking it apart, I have no clue.” She turned to him as he finished speaking.

“So I’ve been able to talk to everyone else, but you. So how’d you get here?”

“I was about to ask you the same, I mean women aren’t known nor wanted for this type of work.”

“My gender has nothing to do with it.”

“On the contrary,” he said avoiding her original question “you don’t know these other guys, you’re a target, and if we were overpowered and boarded by pirates you’d be the first one taken.”

“We’ll you’ll stop that won’t you?" A brow raised in a challenge from her. "Anyways, you never answered me.” He rolled his eyes and let out a sigh of tired annoyance.

“I’m a veteran, and I’ve done work like this before, in Angola.” Spears took a seat on the bed next to the night stand as he opened the bucket. “And now you have to answer the question, how did a woman get this job?” He asked as he took a round from the bucket and snapped the first round into a magazine.

“I work for the Corporation, along with the other two. We are actually on the pay roll for the company. We just happened to be shorthanded for this work sort of work, and the main security force is prioritized.”

Spears stopped half way with the magazine and looked up at her. “Why would this company need its own security force?” He had read a pamphlet; it said they produced medicine and computer technology, he understood security, but a whole security force?

“It’s cheaper to have individuals like me who can be placed in anyone of the needs than to hire a mercenary like you.” Spears looked up at her with narrowing eyes.

“I never said I was mercenary.”

Please, we both know Angola didn’t hire ‘security’ specialists. You were an illegal mercenary.” Spears went back to his magazine and like any good tactician, bit his tongue for a moment.

“What does this company actually do, that it needs its own security force?”

“Just computer technology and medicine. It’s the shipping back and forth that normally requires us. Although, I have heard that there is a biological response team for the company.” Spears finished filling the first magazine and looked up at her.

“Why would the company need a biological response team?”

“Has something to do with the medicine,” she shrugged her shoulders “I think it’s a waste of money, I’ve never actually heard them ever being used.” She began to crack her fingers and then looked down at him. “Well I’m tired, by the way, Steven gave you and me day watch. We’ll be out there at 6:00. See you in the morning.” She left before he could say anything to her. He finished filling his magazines up as the thought about the biological response teams that Emily mentioned. It didn’t make sense in his mind, a company like this wouldn’t need a biological response team, either Emily was lying to him or she was incredibly stupid. For now he chose to believe the latter.

Spears eyes shot open. He had fallen asleep, but had not realized it. He had no idea of the time of day, or night. He knew his shift had not started yet; someone would have been by to wake him by now. He was still dressed, but he had removed his boots. He slid his feet back into them and tightened them. He brushed his hand through his buzzed hair and realized his hat wasn’t on. He turned and found it propped on his pillow. He adjusted it on his head and checked his watch on his left hand 5:45, his watch didn’t start for another fifteen minutes. He had propped his rifle up in the corner, another event he didn’t remember. He stood up and felt light, as if he was on the clouds around Olympus. The room seemed to grow darker, fuzzy, static ran by his eyes and he took a step to the corner and his bearings were back. His vision was fixed and he felt, normal again.

He picked up his rifle by the sling and did one more check of it. He chamber was empty as he left it. He picked up the loaded magazines on the night stand and left his cabin. He headed up the stairs where he passed Mark going down the stairs. He had to flatten himself against the small hall for Mark to be able to get by. He looked exhausted from the night watch. Spears headed up, past the bridge and onto the cat walk around the tower of the bridge. Jesse passed by him and barely acknowledged Spears, but his exhaustion told the story, neither he nor Mark were ready for night watch, their bodies weren’t adjusted yet. Spears went to his spot and looked back across the adjacent corner. Emily was already there, she too wore the clothes from the previous night. He looked back across his post to the ocean; he knew nothing was going to happen on this horizon, they were still too close to United States.

Spears stood watch and could feel his skin burning under the light. He took a step back into the shade and looked down onto the lower deck of the ship. He could see the crew was carrying boxes from the top down to the cargo hold. He could read the large letters stamped on the sides in stencil, ORCUS FEED. He had no idea what an Orcus was, or what it the world an Orcus ate. As he thought about it, he was never told what they were shipping. Not that it mattered, but he now began to wonder if they were shipping some sort of food to a zoo, or even if they were caring live animals below deck. He looked back over and saw Emily was peering out the opposite direction into the horizon. He looked back down; the crew had finished with the last of the boxes.

Spears had stood in the shade for the majority of his shift, his skin was still bright, burning red, the sun sought him out wherever he moved to. The 12 hours of silence allowed his thoughts to drown in an ocean of loneliness. The sun was finally setting; the water began to have a green tint to it. Spears hung on to his sling over his right shoulder and began to lean on his right side against the rail.

A siren screamed. Spears’ right ear throbbed. He turned around and looked at the twin sirens above him. He stared into the sound in a numbed sensation. He had no clue what it meant until he heard the high pitched squeal of the bridge door opening. He looked over to see Steven hanging out of the door puffed up, reddening around the cheeks and a thick vein coming from his forehead. “Get down below, now!” He stormed back into the bridge and stared with narrowed eyes and gritted teeth down at something on one of the consoles. Spears looked over at Emily who was then looking at him with a look of questioning. Spears shook his head and headed into the bridge and Emily followed close by.