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Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Business Agreement (Mad-Dog)

 A storm had over taken the city. Now the rain came as a mist. Spitting with a light breeze that pushed the leaves of trees and creaked the edges of the homes. The concrete of the side walk slowly became a portrait of modern art as the speckled and then plastered it, painting it black. Dirt, soot, and oils ran as the water began to flow. Soon leaves, and sticks, and rocks began to give way and flow from their resting place with the force of the currents.
 Vincent has parked his car several houses down, across the street. He lurked in the neighborhood for over two weeks watching the Mendola residence. In a short period a pattern had perked up. Monday, Danny attended to supervising the restocking of a strip club he operated. He would spend the entire day there, though it was closed on Mondays. Tuesday through Friday evening Danny would be a work with the club. Mrs. Mendola would divide her time with shopping, going with her friends to get coffee or wine, and yoga. Yoga was interesting, it was a one on one session in her backyard, with a younger muscular male, and seemed to usually end like a porno. The daughter was at school, so at least corruption wasn't happening. Either Tuesday or Wednesday nights there were guests, often, they would stay late, and a man would stay near the front door during these visits. Friday, Mr. and Mrs. Mendola seemed to enjoy a date night, the daughter would spend time at a friend's house, he didn't get to see that location. Saturday, Danny would go to a cabin, which Vincent was unsure if it was rented or owned. Danny would then enjoy the company of a young harlot, one who drove a car she obviously didn't buy herself, and considering he knew she worked at the strip club for Danny, he doubted her parents had bought it. Sunday, the Mendola's would all attend Mass at a Catholic church not far from the neighborhood. They would dress up, nice clothes, and travel as a family. They stayed for the full service, cleansed, and would then repeat the week.

Crime Family Falls

   The mid-aged Danny Mendola, suspected of racketeering and narcotic distribution, was found straggled to death in the backyard of his rented cabin along with several other brazen killings yesterday morning. The authorities say the crime "Will set the precedents of future organized crime."  
  Believed to be connected, Danny Mendola's wife Adelina, and daughter Erica Mendola were found murdered in this residence. Two other victims, were discovered as well. A young woman in her twenties was found in the cabin, and a athletics instructor in the Mendola home whose names are being withheld by the authorities, no relation to any criminal activities are associated with either victims. 
 Danny Mendola was found strangled along with the unnamed female on the rented cabin property with a tool that appears to have been made for strangulation. The unnamed male and daughter were found shot to death with a .38 caliber pistol, each dying of their head wounds. Adelina Mendola was found with shot several times with a .22 caliber pistol, but cause of death is believed to be strangulation. Sexual assault is suspected on Adelina Mendola, but authorities are not confirming or denying any sexual assault at this times.
 "This could be the beginning of a war, one which we haven't seen since the end of the prohibition era." said Thomas Sheer, the new deputy assistant director for the Florida, FBI department.   

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