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Writer, soldier, thinker, and science fiction lover. I just can't seem to find a way to divide my adventurous self of constant outdoor activity and exercise from my nerdy self playing games and going to conventions. So why not just be both?

 I am a young professional living out of Tallahassee, Florida for the past five years. I have been on a deployment with the United States Army and continue to work outside of my other occupations to better myself mentally and physically. My passion for writing is driven by my passion for everything I find entertaining in life, and of course by my friends and family.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Update: Priority to projects

Hello everyone once again,

I am excited to see my views are about to reach four digits! I am currently in a position where I cannot log in and write very often, so I apologize for the massive delays in posts. I am also focusing my priorities on my projects.

For those of you who enjoyed the short story One Level Below Hell, there is a major project that will be a spin off of that storyline.

For my most recent line, City of Ashes, there is a story which I am resurrecting and using this short to create a base for that line as well.

My sci-fi project, which is currently resting at 42,000 words, is completely panned out. I plan to add at least 60,000 more words before I reread each character in fine detail and fill any plot holes. I am very excited for this story to eventually become a book, but as of right now I am very hesitant as the sci-fi market is always very saturated.

My final story is a crime story, I don't wish to say any more than that as I have several sources of influence. I will say it branches completely away from my previous writings and even from my shorts here which include One Level Below Hell. 

Thank you all for your patience. I hope to have more postings in the coming months, but I will be in a technologically impaired location for sometime.