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Sunday, November 9, 2014

The Individual

Hello everyone! Thank you all so much for the views, and again I'd like to hear what you think in comments and know what you like! But I digress. Below is a small snippet to a train of thought I'd like to turn into a full length story at some point. I have begun writing on the story, and considered putting this in as the end but realized it did not fit the character whatsoever. So, enjoy!

Have you ever felt surrounded by familiar faces, yet still alone? I have, especially walking along these worn out places, along with the dirty streets. The faces seem so bright for the rat race that they will continue to trudge along in.

Somehow, in the last few years, individual rights had become subject to votes. The smallest minority in the world had its rights stripped from them, the individual. I have learned that governing powers only retain one true “power” and that power is the ability to punish the criminal. I have learned that if there isn’t enough power to quench that thirst, the powers that be simply create new criminals. I have learned that the patriots continue to use tears to fill their glasses. And no matter how complex a situation, there are only two sides, the right, the wrong, but between the two there is undeniably an evil.  

As a young couple passes I hide my face under the brim of my hat, wishing to drown my sorrow. Wishing there was no tomorrow. Their smiles are only momentary. It’s not like it once was. It once was that men could take a step down a new path armed with only their drive to succeed and their knowledge they were free to. But when a power retains a monopoly of force over the innocent with the justification of the law, men stop taking steps.

But not all men stop.

I seek truth, always have, but perhaps I never realized I was. Truth is not for all men. Truth is only for those willing to seek it, particularly when there are high costs.

The only power the people had was to vote for those they felt they could trust. To use those individuals to vote and if need be, filibuster that which was to hamper individual prosperity. But three years ago, they abolished the ability to do so. The one who vote for the greater good, the betterment, “progress”, for equality, for evil.    

I would say it’s all kinda’ funny, but mostly I can only tell you it’s all really sad. How government “help” is more disastrous than persecutions. The persecution of millions. I would say that the path to hell is paved with good intentions, but power is far too purposeful of a pursuit.

The dreams of which I am dying are the best I’ve ever had. To see people thriving. To see freedom come. Freedom to progress on their own, not to beg for hand outs and or simply be content to exist.

I do find it hard to tell you, but worse is I find it hard to take. I watch these people pass by, so much potential locked away by bars of fear. So many people accepting guilt to a crime of a crime they are victims of. The mass acceptance of a contradiction.

I can see now children running in circles. Children waiting for the day they feel good. A school had let out and now children were rushing to play or get home. A single child has his birthday being celebrated by classmates. The tune of happy birthday ringing out in the chants of tiny voices.

Yes, happy birthday dear child.

A pair steps by me, looking back at me. Look right through me, look right through me.

The only way government can assist in prosperity is to keep its hands away from it. So now I stand at the end of a street. The street dark and crisp with cold air. I have learned this, if a rational man is confronted with you in a disagreement use reality. If you are wrong, you will learn, if he is wrong, he will learn. Regardless, both with profit.

So now I hold in my hand the final disagreement. Using a lighter I light the wick which leads into a glass bottle. The bottle full of slick oils which are apt to set fire. My face a glow in an orange light. There is no difference between a state seeking to fill its welfare and a totalitarian state. So now I will throw this bottle into buildings, I will fire the shot which will end this nation. I will throw this not because I look down on society, but because I look up to it, and hold it to such a higher standard. I will fire the shot not out of anger or in hopes for growth of political power, but because I love you, all of you.

But I must first teach you, to say I love. And the first lesson in saying I love you is to understand there is not a we, an us, or a them. There is first an I, the individual.    

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  1. I like this one. Emotionally from the beginning I could identify. Then, I couldn't stop playing Mad World by Gary Jules in my head hahaha. I think this would be better expanded in third though. You could provide the emotion and description with direction of events that will/could happen.