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Friday, October 31, 2014

The Horseman's Blade, Part 7

Spears and Emily headed back the way they came and then down the passage way where Mark and Jesse headed earlier. They moved slowly with dread down the passageways. They came to a right turn in the passageway and they both turned it slowly and carefully not fearing the now endless possibilities. They turned into a large cabin. The cabin was lined with operating tables on both sides; an autopsy room. The tables desolate pods of past terrors. In the center of the room a tray of operating instruments had been knocked over and several bits of glass lay across the ground. Spears and Emily proceeded through the cabin watching all of the corners until they reached the other end where a door with a small reinforced window separated them from the next passage.
Spears peered through the window. He could see the next passage way straight ahead was clear, but there was also another passage way he could tell that ran to the right which he couldn’t see down. He pressed down on the silver knob and pulled the door open. He stepped out forward and Emily stepped out behind him facing the right. Both passageways were clear.
Spears looked to his right where Emily was staring quietly. Another cabin lined with operating tables. The room was brightly lit and down the center of the cabin was a long smeared trail of blood which ended at the opposite bulkhead. Spears and Emily entered with their rifles up and searched all four corners. Spears moved down between the tables and found a mass of meat; the blood was splattered all over the deck.
“I think this was Jesse.” Emily spoke out gagging as Spears looked up and across the cabin at her. She too was looking down at something between the tables near her.
“I think this was too.” Spears answered looking down at the mass of flesh and muscle before him. The part was unidentifiable. Between each table were more and more parts, of what they believed to be their former colleague. As Spears neared the door at the end of the cabin he could identify a large dent in the door. The dent was going out to the other side of the next passage way, whatever had made the dent was on their side of the door. Spears tried to open the door but the latch was also morphed and wouldn’t allow the door to function. “We’re going to have to go back down that other passageway. This door is fucked.” Spears turned back around to Emily across the cabin.

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