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Thursday, October 23, 2014

The Horseman's Blade, Part 4

Spears was taken by surprise. The ship was close; being completely dark he had no idea. The boat came to a sputtering stopped to a small platform protruding from the ship. Spears climbed onto it, it was a basket that could be wrenched up, he helped the others in and loaded the boxes up but Jacob didn’t come aboard. The platform rocked lightly as the last of the gear was loaded on. Spears leaned over to assist Jacob but he shook his head ‘no’ and sat down in the boat.

“Ok you four have fun, and good luck.” Jacob said settling in next to the motor. Jacob soon started the boat again and took off into oily darkness of night and disappeared. Spears looked up and as the wench started to lift them up, the deck lights came on and they ascended into a bright white light.

The wench stopped, it was a smooth ride, but the cold water in the humid night air was uncomfortable. Spears climbed out with the others and brought out the boxes with the firearms. Just as they finished, Spears turned around and looked at the ship. The deck was clear except for a few containers on top. But they were all low lying and secured. He had an unobstructed view over all them at standing height. He noticed some rust on the edges and on the rails but the ship over all looked in good shape and well cared for. Spears only counted three crew members on the deck, but guessed the others weren’t needed for the night. Then Spears noticed to his right, from the bridge, a man was coming down the steps and looking at them with a large over friendly smile. Spears watched him from a distance, khakis, brown loafers, a blue sport coat, blue tie, and white shirt, definitely not a crew member. As the man neared them he extended his arm and Spears decided to take the position and walked forward to him and grasped his hand.

“Good to see you guys made it without a problem. I’m chairman of the board directors, Steven Alten.” He grasped tightly and quickly let go after two concise shakes. “This is the USS Osiris; it is of course owned and operated by the Terminate Corridor Corporation. If you could quickly unpack your gear I’ll show you your posts and your sleeping quarters.” Spears turned around to help unpack and then open the largest wooden box. Inside were four Sig assault rifles, all of which were brand new and still in an airtight plastic wrapping. Next to them was a plastic package filled with magazines for the Sigs. At least they were being taken care of so far. Spears picked up one of the rifles and took three magazines out of the package and put them in his coat pocket. He didn’t remove the rifle from the package yet though, unlike the others. “Right follow me up the stairs.” Steven interjected into the miniature Christmas morning. Spears followed Steven up the steel stairs of the tower until they reached the outside catwalk around the bridge. “The port and starboard corners of the bridge are to be used as watch posts. The company requires that two people keep watch day and night, so you are to take shifts between the four of you. If you’ll follow me, I’ll show you your sleeping quarters.” Spears and the rest followed Steven through the bridge where four other crew members were monitoring instruments. They continued to follow Steven and descended a flight of stairs through a bulkhead to a set of four cabins behind four identical wooden doors. “These will be your quarters, now I’m to tend a conference soon so I must be going.” Steven cut through the group and left Spears and the others to their cabins. Spears turned and finally got a good look at everyone. Mark was easy to pick out of the group, he was a bear, a thick man, not a perfect build, his stomach sagged a little but his arms were nothing but muscle. Jesse being the only other male was a rat looking guy, his eyes were sunk in and the bridge of his nose was the most noticeable feature next to his hair line lips. Then there was Emily, a red haired girl with a black ball cap and a pony tail coming out the back. They picked their rooms with just grunts as they carried their things into their rooms. Spears took the last cabin to the right. He opened the door, it was a very small cabin, the bunk on the right took up most of the room, then a small lock box at the foot of the bunk and a night stand near the head of the bunk along with a single lamp. He took off his leather coat and laid it down atop the footlocker, he set the rifle down on the mattress. He pulled out the magazines and set them down and began to unravel his rifle and thought about Steven Alten, an unusual air floated about the man. Spears’ thoughts were interrupted by a knocking at his door.

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