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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

The Horseman's Blade, Part 3

He arrived at the docks earlier than he had anticipated. He looked down the left and right of the pier, there was no cargo ship. He looked up at the gate, 88, it was the correct dock. He walked up to the security hut where a guard sat under the light. As he approached the guard he looked up at Samuel. “Am I late?” The guard looked down and then back up at Samuel.
“As far as I know; no.” The guard shrugged and motioned towards the gate. Samuel rolled his eyes and walked through the gate, there was no ship, but there was a small inflatable raft with several figures in the dark. As Samuel approached the raft he could make out that the figures were loading the raft with boxes, he stopped just short of the raft. He could make out a logo on the side of the boat, a white triangle with ‘Terminate Corridor Corporation’ under it.
“Hey, you the other guy for the job?” Samuel stopped. The figures had stopped and were looking at him. He could tell that of the four of them, one was a female, but could not tell who it was that had called out.
“Actually I think there may be a problem; I was told I was to pull security for a cargo ship.” He spoke to no specific person, but into the dark bodies before him.
“No, that’s us. The ship’s under way. We’re supposed to intercept it, and board, and then pull security.” A male voice from the back of the group answered. And honestly, Samuel was slightly relieved, from the tone of the voice his group wasn’t going to be filled with unsociable people. “Anyhow.” The figure approached Samuel from the dark with a sigh until he came into view. A scrawny white male, a thick long jaw and steep cheek bones. “I’m Jacob, this big bear on my right is Mark, next to him is Jesse, and the little girl of us is Emily.” Jacob now stood just inches from him now. “And you are?”
“Spears, Spears Dunn.”
“Well Spears, odd name, but good to know we won’t be shorthanded.” Jacob patted him on his shoulder. “We just finished loading the boat, jump on in.” Spears climbed in, sitting near the nose. Emily sat next to him, Mark and Jesse sat in center with the supplies which were in unmarked wooden boxes. Jacob manned the small engine in the back.
“So how far out is the boat? And I was told we’d be given the armament for this job.” The cynicism dripping from his teeth. He had never heard of an anti-piracy job done where the ship was already under way.
“Not far, you don’t see it because the ship had gone dark. The company finds it better to keep their business as private as possible. As for armament, that’s what’s in the boxes. Compact Sig 550 rifles, 5.56mm.” As Jacob finished answering his question Spears leaned back and held on as Jacob cranked the boat. It took five pulls before the little engine started, and before he knew it, ice cold salt water was spraying him. He kept quite; he thought it was odd about the weapons. The Sig was brand new and most likely purchased by the company to be flashy and to show off their money but the guns were a horrible choice. The 550 did fire a 5.56mm but was not made for penetration, and having the compact version made it seem more like they were going to be policing the crew more than pirates. Spears questioned the judgment of their armament, it didn’t seem right that the company would choose such a poor weapon, but poor decisions always came from above.

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