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Saturday, October 25, 2014

Different Paths

Hello everyone, I hope the stories and shorts are keeping you all interested and willing to share my writing with your friends. For this next writing prompt, I remember seeing it years back but never writing on it. I can not, for the life of me, remember where it had come from. The general idea was to take a situation in your life and turn it into a short concise scene compressing all the feelings and thoughts into a single scene. I remember it primarily because the example I read seemed to touch home. I hope you enjoy.

 A fiery sunset conjured a mirage of molten gold from the glaciers and the snowfields. A serrated blade of the mountains carved the sky. Jared stood for a long time without speaking. Sam stood next to him, waiting a long while patiently. On top the mountain, time had little meaning for the two.

 “Are you looking at the skyline or beyond to what we’re leaving behind?” Sam’s word sliced through the light wind. Jared stood a long while longer in silence with the moving clouds in his eyes.

 “There’s not much to miss of that world.”

 “When the days are cold as today, and the cards fold with failed dreams what else is there to do?”

 “Just hide the truth, shelter your new friends and future lovers.” Their eyes both turned to the skyline. Their demons seeking shelter into the depths of their pupils. Their shoulders heavy with a century of pain and the weight of too many lives on them. If it decisions were from what they made, they had escaped by the skin of their teeth, but if it were up to fate, it was the cruelest fate for so many others who were more noble and deserving to go on.

 They turned as the light sparkled and faded down, the sinners walked across the dusty dry ground. Not wanting to let anyone else down they both remained in pace with each other. A silence nestled between the two once more. There would come a time where their paths were dividing and they would, without words, walk paths that once diverted would never meet again. A fact that once would have been crippling to their character, but now was a cause for little more than a grimace. Their decision made once they set foot away from home.

 Jared turned back once more. The last of the yellow and pink light dripped off his eyelashes. He turned back, and continued. Maybe it would be a bad dream, or preferably that he was a bad dream that had manifested.  

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  1. Mm there needs to be more. In reading it I got really sidetracked and kept trying to read it. There is a lot of description but it feels like it's missing something emotionally as the reader. Um, hmm, I can't identify with the characters I think. I think that's my problem.